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Pokémon GO mysterious vibrations on iOS, why your phone keeps buzzing? you’re not losing your sanity

If you’ve found yourself on the brink of pulling your hair out due to unexplained phone vibrations, rest assured, you’re not alone and you’re definitely not going insane. Over the past couple of weeks, many trainers using iPhones have been experiencing the same annoying issue. With iOS’s strict notification settings, the natural conclusion for most was to assume a hardware issue, thinking their phones were malfunctioning.

After attempting every fix in the book – from turning off haptic feedback and silencing all notifications to multiple reboots – many were ready to throw in the towel. But then, an epiphany struck: the mystery vibrations were coming from Pokémon GO. Interestingly, even when Pokémon GO doesn’t appear to be “running” according to the iOS app switcher, it still has the ability to send out vibrations when a Pokémon appears on the map. So if you’re experiencing the same conundrum, Pokémon GO is the likely suspect.

This ‘feature,’ whether you find it helpful or infuriating, is actually designed to alert players of nearby Pokémon without requiring the app to be open constantly. It’s an unobtrusive way for the game to tell you, “Hey, there’s a Pokémon near you, grab your phone!” If you’re not a fan of these surprise vibrations, there’s a straightforward way to put an end to it.

Navigate to the settings menu within Pokémon GO and disable the vibration feature. For those who want to experiment, try opening and closing the app to see if that mitigates the issue.

You’re not losing your mind, and you’re certainly not alone. It’s just Pokémon GO’s somewhat stealthy way of encouraging you to catch ’em all. While some might appreciate the nudge, others find it to be more of a jolt to the system. Regardless of your take, now you know how to manage this sneaky feature for an optimized gaming experience.

So, trainers, have you experienced this Pokémon GO quirk? How have you managed it? We’d love to hear your thoughts, tips, and any other Pokémon GO phenomena you’ve discovered.

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