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Pokémon GO players struggling and worried about completing ‘Win 60 Raids’ and ‘Make 120 Excellent Throws’ Master Ball Timed Investigation Tasks on time

Trainers, are you feeling the heat from the Master Ball Timed Investigation? You’re not alone. Two tasks, in particular, have got the community talking: “Win 60 Raids” and “Make 120 Excellent Throws.” These challenges are no cakewalk, and time is ticking.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill Research tasks, the Master Ball Timed Investigation require a unique blend of time, skill, and dedication. Oh, and did we mention they’re time-sensitive? That’s right. You have until Tuesday, November 21, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. local time to complete these tasks. But the reward? A Master Ball, the ultimate Poké Ball with a guaranteed catch rate for any Pokémon you encounter.

For most players, the status of the challenge list looks something like this:

  • Catch 1,000 Pokémon: Completed
  • Win 60 Raids: Not Completed
  • Hatch 30 Eggs: Completed
  • Make 120 Excellent Throws: Not Completed
  • Complete 150 Field Research Tasks: Completed
  • Explore 50 km: Completed
  • Spin 300 PokéStops: Completed
  • Earn 100,000 XP and Stardust: Completed

Many of you are stuck at the “Win 60 Raids” and “Make 120 Excellent Throws” tasks, wondering if there’s a magic shortcut. Spoiler alert: there isn’t. But we do have a strategy to help you meet the daily goals needed to complete this timed quest.

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byu/imakemyownroux from discussion

byu/imakemyownroux from discussion

To ensure you’re on the right track, here’s a daily task breakdown:

  • Catch 13 Pokémon each day
  • Secure one Raid win daily
  • Hatch one egg every two days
  • Accumulate 5 km per day
  • Capture 100 different species of Pokémon over the challenge period
  • Complete two Field Research tasks each day
  • Visit four PokéStops every day

So, how far along are you in your Master Ball Timed Investigation journey? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. None of your suggestions give any help whatsoever to the things people are actually having trouble with. Secure one raid win a day? Okay thanks for the advice I had no idea I just needed to win a raid every day! I guess I just need to start throwing excellent throws too ‍♂️.

    1. For me the easiest one was the Throws when I figured it out. First of all turn off AR mode. Try going for pokemon that are close and have bigger hit circles that way your margin for error goes up. Using the banana berry thing that prevents them from moving neutralizes the variable of them jumping around. Finally have your phone on a flat and stationary surface to limit the chance of an inconsistent throw.

  2. It’s been over 90F at night here in Texas…nobody is walking anywhere. Hatching that number of eggs is going to be near impossible.

  3. The excellent ones were easy. Especially the xp is a good incentive. I got way more skilled throwing the excellents. The raids are going to be my main challenge.

    1. I don’t understand the complaining here. Its for a MASTER BALL… It’s meant to be hard. I am 100/120 for excellent throws so far and only 10 raids done but I wont be crying or complaining if I don’t make it. I agree with you, I am much better at throws now and the xp has been great.

  4. Not gonna lie, the excellent throws and the raids are what’s gonna hold me up too, but I did get the master ball from that first quest thing so I’m not too worried about it but 120 excellent throws feels unreasonable to me, I’m lucky to get one of two a week.

    1. Well I guess you suck at the game then. I’m 110/120 ATM. None of these goals are unreasonable with the amount of time they give you.

    2. Please don’t give up on the throws. Watch a few demo videos and practice, practice, practice. You’ll be surprised how quickly 1 or 2 a week goes from one or two a day to one out of two

  5. I was able to get the excellent throws finished by the second? Day, i think. But the raids and research tasks are whats killing me

  6. Raids might of been more feasible before the remote increase. They know people are gonna pay $$$ for raid passes, balls, incents ect. And they will bait hard in November to make people want to use the master on a new walking incent trio.

  7. Excellent throws are pretty ez for me. I finished everything except the raids. Not enough ppl to do high raids and not enough time to go the distance for low raids

    1. Use poke genie for the raids. It will make it possible for you to host the raids with lots of other players and get them all done.

  8. Fer me it’s the 60 raids, I’m stuck on that part. I got the hang of the excellent throws. Got most of my excellent throws on Sprigatito.

  9. Excellent throws have been done for days. Raids and field research are more difficult. I’m disabled and can’t get out a lot. Exploring 50km is the hardest though.

  10. The excellent throws are going well for me. My tip for those is select pokemon you don’t especially care for, and go after them anyway, ignoring everything but the excellent. Don’t even toss the ball If the circle’s too wide, and don’t use anything but pokeballs for these. If it breaks out, you got another shot. For eggs and distance, when it’s too hot, or for me, is dark when I get off work, I just put the phone in my sock and bounce my foot while doing other things. Silly, but effective.

  11. This is what I’ve got left to do – 34 raids, 75 field researches, & 18 Km. I have an office job so the only time I can do the raids or km is onl the weekends, the field researches are an issue because there are notbthat many spins on my route as it’s mostly freeway, and then I have to finish them on my lunch or when I get home.

  12. I had 12/60 raids with every other task done. Seems unbalanced to have 6 tasks done at 100% while 7th one is still only 20% done. Every other task is free, but for raids you need to invest a lot into premium passes or devote every single day during 2 months period to daily play.

  13. More worried about field research than excellent throws tbh.. And then the raids of course, but that one isn’t looking too hopeless at the moment.

  14. So walking 50km is easyer then 200 excellent throws? You gotta be kidding me uninstall game if youre not able to play it.

  15. I just have to do 60 raids I got the rest done in less than a week. I thought the excellent throws were gonna be hard but it just made my throws a lot better by practicing trying to get an excellent. If anyone is struggling on excellent throws, practice on the bigger pokemon with a bigger circle and try and aim more towards the face when there’s a little circle. The raids I have done are 20/60 but my mom who plays with me will only do raids on things she doesn’t have and it’s harder to do and I just wanna get this mission done haha

  16. I was able to finish all but 2 of the tasks so far. The e Elena throws I had done by day 4. The raids I do by hosting them in poké genie the companion app. The one that will take me the longest will be the 150 field research tasks.

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