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Pokémon GO Zygarde Cells spawn distance increased, now fixed to specific positions

Trainers, buckle up because Pokémon GO is throwing us a curveball, and it’s one you’ll want to catch. Niantic is giving a whole new meaning to ‘taking steps in the right direction’, they’re tweaking the Zygarde Cell spawn mechanics. If you’re a Routes fan, you’re going to love what comes next.

Remember those days when Zygarde Cells would just magically appear next to you like a Pokémon Fairy Godmother had paid you a visit? Yep, those days are history. Niantic’s pulling us into the future, and it’s all about Routes, baby! For anyone who may not be familiar with this topic, Routes is this super-cool feature where you select a PokeStop or Gym, hit ‘Record,’ and, voila, you’ve created your own trail of dreams (and hopefully, Zygarde Cells).

But what if you’re the Indiana Jones of Pokémon GO and prefer exploring someone else’s uncharted territory? Easy-peasy. Open up the Nearby menu (you’ll find it snuggled under the magnifying glass on your home screen), and check out the ‘Routes’ tab. Fellow Trainers have been busy mapping out their routes, and you’re invited to the party. Just a heads up, though, Niantic is still rolling out the ability to create Routes globally. So, if you can’t yet map your own adventures, chill, it’s coming.

Alright, let’s get down to the meat and potatoes, the new spawn rules. No more Zygarde Cells popping up willy-nilly next to you. Now, when you’re about a football field and a half away (that’s 150m for the metrically inclined) from completing a Route, a Zygarde Cell will make its grand entrance about 100m from the endpoint. This might not sound like a big deal, but remember those ‘cell spawn ticks’? Forget ’em. The new system is smoother than a Jigglypuff’s lullaby.

Speaking of gaming the system, for those who used to drive backwards to snag a Zygarde Cell, nice try. Those loopholes are getting closed up. You can still stretch your Route to trigger an early spawn but expect that cell to be hanging out near the endpoint.

Zygarde cells spawn distance increased
byu/-McBain inTheSilphRoad

So there it is, folks. Niantic flipped the script, making Zygarde Cell hunting more exciting and fair. How do you feel about these changes? Do you have any epic Routes to share? Drop a comment and let the community know. Happy hunting, Trainers.

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  1. How many cells you need to get? Between 200-300? Yup that’s how many routes or “football” fields you have to walk. Also not to mention they probably haven’t lifted the 3 per day limit. I have no idea how any of this is a good. I am a proud spoofer, deal with it. After being stuck in lvl 38 and the same mission for 3 years I’m sure would go spoof crazy too. Keep your Zygarde. I have 4 already and 2 shiny. Thank you Rawket! I’ve learned in the past week players actually value real Pokemon from the game rather than from Go. Even ones I have gotten from Rawket. I only use Go to stack up on legendaries and the like then send them to home. So enjoy your misery everyone cause my time is too valuable to unnecessarily wast it on Go. Lol

  2. Stupid. Most of us have never seen a route, and will not, cause noone of us can create routes either. now they make it even more impossible to find Zygarde Cell.

  3. Hi I’m writing in regards on a shiny Growlithe!
    I am a pokemon fanatic I’ve been since I was 13 years old but this week I purchased a ticket in hopes that I would come across a Shiny Growlithe. Don’t get me wrong yes! I did incounter plenty of them even a few event Growlithe. Me and my 9 Year old walked 30km this week and didn’t come across not One there an update of some sort I’m not aware of?….

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. We are so happy to hear that you have THE PERFECT BUDDY to enjoy the game with, so keep up the good work! Now, the Out to Play event is still ongoing, but will end today at 8 PM local time. As you know, the highlight of the event is Hisuian Growlithe and Shiny Hisuian Growlithe. Shiny Hisuian Growlithe can be encountered from 2km and 5km Eggs, after completing the Hatch 3 Eggs, and Walk 5km Field Research tasks, and by completing the free and paid Timed Research storylines. It has a ≈4% chance of being shiny.

      Now, Growlithe can also be encountered during the event. It has been announced that the chances of encountering Shiny Growlithe in the wild will be increased. We have seen plenty of them, so maybe it’s just RNG. Players can encounter Growlithe and Shiny Growlithe in the wild, and by completing the paid Timed Research.

      Have a great day and keep grinding!

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