Rumor: next Mass Effect could return to traditional structure, ditching Open World

BioWare may be embracing the original Mass Effect trilogy’s linear structure for the franchise’s upcoming installment, moving away from the open-world design seen in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The studio’s prime focus is Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, which is anticipated to release as late as 2024. However, whispers from industry insiders suggest that once this title is launched, attention will shift to the next chapter of the Mass Effect series. The much-loved sci-fi RPG is still in the early phases of development, keeping many details under wraps.

A recent revelation on the Xbox Two podcast saw Jez Corden, a journalist with Windows Central, discussing potential game details. Corden noted, “I’ve heard that Mass Effect is ditching the open world and returning to its classic formula. While this remains an industry rumor, its credibility cannot be entirely dismissed.

The introduction of an open world in Mass Effect: Andromeda in 2017 was met with mixed reviews, many of them critical. Fans expressed dissatisfaction with its execution. Thus, a return to the series’ traditional style, which has historically been well-received, seems plausible.

Details surrounding the next Mass Effect game remain minimal. However, it is confirmed to run on Unreal Engine 5. For eager fans, hints might be deciphered from a teaser and poster that BioWare previously released.

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