Splatoon 3’s ‘Expansion Pass – Side Order’ to Release in Spring 2024

Splatoon fans have yet another reason to rejoice. Nintendo has just unveiled the latest downloadable content (DLC) for Splatoon 3, titled “Expansion Pass – Side Order,” set to release in spring 2024. This expansion offers fresh content and challenges for those who can’t get enough of the ink-based shooter action.

The heart of this expansion revolves around the new single-player campaign, challenging players to test their skills like never before. Central to this campaign is the Spire of Order. Players will navigate their way through its numerous floors, facing increasingly difficult challenges with each level they ascend. This isn’t just about battling foes and navigating complex levels; it’s also a journey to strengthen one’s character abilities.

Repeating levels might be part of the strategy, as the description suggests players will find themselves ascending the Spire’s floors “again and again.” Given Splatoon’s rich history of combining vibrant aesthetics with intricate level designs, fans can expect a visually delightful, yet mechanically challenging experience.

Splatoon 3 has been a hallmark title for the Nintendo Switch, continuing the legacy started by its predecessors on the Wii U and the Switch. Each iteration of the game has brought unique mechanics, fresh lore, and colorful arenas to indulge in team-based, ink-splatting warfare.

The addition of this new DLC further cements the game’s status on the console, providing both veterans and newcomers with more content to explore, challenges to conquer, and stories to uncover.

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