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Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 7.3.1.a Comes out Today, Notes and More

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) fans are in for a treat with the release of the game’s latest update, 7.3.1.a. Players will no longer encounter map markers for Galactic Season 5 Missions unless they are engaged, and the game finally rectifies the issue where conversations in Galactic Season 5: Chains or Freedom with Lord Umbral would reset under specific circumstances.

As for the complete patch notes, you can find them below:

Star Wars: The Old Republic September 13 Patch Notes (7.3.1.a)


  • Players will no longer see map markers for Galactic Season 5 Missions that they are not currently on.
  • The conversation in Galactic Season 5: Chains or Freedom with Lord Umbral will no longer reset itself in some cases.
  • All mission items from the Galactic Season track are now Bound to Legacy (previously Bound to Character).
  • All Galactic Season 5 Mission items have been added to Collections.
  • Galactic Season 5 Mission items are now unlocked for purchase from the Galactic Season Rewards Vendor based on your Galactic Season level (previously was based on your Mission Progress).
  • Players will now be unable to activate Galactic Season 5 Mission items when inside of Flashpoints and Operations.
  • The Mandalorian Commander Helmet is no longer clipping with the Twi’lek’s lekku.
  • The Mandalorian Commander Helmet no longer shows the neck when worn, as it now has a fashionable neck piece!
  • Black Sun enemies in the Dockside Slums now respawn more quickly.
  • Text for the intro conversation with S3T-BNS now correctly appears in French and German.
  • Clipping issues with different body types have been resolved for the Emperor’s Chosen Mantle and Emperor’s Director Mantle Armor sets.
  • Selecting “It was nothing I couldn’t handle…” in conversation with Mendi Dian in Chains or Freedom if you are a Jedi Consular or Jedi Knight should no longer cause the conversation to end in an error.
  • Players can now have multiple copies of “Brrazz’s Gift: The Master’s Top Secret Army” in their inventory and bank.
  • Clicking on the “Launch” button for “Old Wounds” while on Odessen will no longer block the Mission from progressing.
  • Corrected a rare instance where a dialog option during the mission Chains or Freedom would display as grayed out.
  • Corrected a typo in the mouse droid ability “Relaxation Disruption Protocol” on the Peace is a Lie Galactic Season 5 Mission.
  • The Unyielding Armasaur mount has been added to the Galactic Season vendor.

Quick Travel:

  • Using the quick travel ability will now always open the world map to display all potential quick travel/bind points.
  • The quick travel points will no longer show disabled when opening the map unless they truly are disabled.
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