Apex Legends Reveals the Doppelgangers Collection Event

Apex Legends is about to get a little darker and much more thrilling. Starting October 17, 2023, players can dive into the spine-chilling Doppelgangers Collection Event.

Dive into this special holiday mode where players can hunt for Candy, which bestows various bonuses like EVO points, Ultimate charge, and gradual shield healing. But that’s not the only treat in store. There’s also the Copycat Kit, a new limited-time survival item that gifts players an additional Legend ability for the duration of the match. Just remember: cooldowns still apply.

For those who’ve always wanted to battle under the moonlit sky, Apex Legends has transformed Kings Canyon, Olympus, and World’s Edge with their After Dark variants. So, gear up and prepare for some nocturnal warfare.

The event introduces 24 new spooky-themed items. These include Legendary skins for Newcastle, Vantage, and others. Players can obtain these items using Apex Coins, Crafting Metals, or unique Doppelganger Event Apex Packs.

Those dedicated players who collect all 24 Doppelgangers items before the event concludes will be rewarded with Revenant’s Prestige skin, dubbed “Apex Nightmare.” Once equipped, players can work towards completing challenges and unlocking additional tiers.

For the challenge enthusiasts, there’s an opportunity to earn up to 1,400 points daily, with challenges refreshing every day. The best part? These challenges are compatible with the Battle Pass, allowing players to multitask and complete multiple challenges simultaneously.

The Store tab will feature limited-time offers, such as the Antihero bundle. There are also weekly offers to look forward to, like the “Out for Blood Bundle” and “Muerte Rapida Bundle”. Additionally, the Fight or Fright sale and Halloween Sticker Packs are available until Halloween.

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