Battlefield 2042 Adjusts Battle Pass for Season 6 to Better Align with Player Goals

DICE has announced changes to the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass system for the ongoing Season 6 to be more player-friendly. The adjustments aim to make the game more balanced and respect players’ time.

Some players criticized the original structure of the Battle Pass for requiring a high time commitment to achieve all the rewards. Players felt that it wasn’t easy to complete the Battle Pass without investing a lot of time, in contrast to the game makers’ intent to offer a fair and achievable progression system.

Starting from the second week of Season 6, each Weekly Mission will award players 5 points. This compensates for the shortfall in projections from the previous week’s missions. Every Weekly Mission will offer 4 points from the third week onwards, potentially allowing players to earn 36 points each week.

The game’s makers have also confirmed that the total XP points for normal gameplay are 6,500 for the season. This was a deliberate choice to keep the game balanced regarding effort and rewards throughout the season.

With these changes, Battlefield 2042 aims to create a system where players who complete most Weekly Missions can reasonably reach Tier 100. This should also allow for some leeway, giving players a chance to meet the Battle Pass with time to spare before the season ends.

The development team has thanked the player community for their valuable feedback. They emphasize that player enjoyment is their top priority and that they are committed to making adjustments based on the community’s needs.

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