Destiny 2’s Upcoming Season 23 Introduces New Gunsmith Focusing Feature

Destiny 2 is set to roll out a new feature in its upcoming Season 23 that will allow players to focus on specific Foundry weapons. This feature, known as Gunsmith Focusing, will be introduced alongside the usual seasonal updates, including new weapons and armor. While the current Season of the Witch still has the community’s attention, Bungie is already laying the groundwork for what’s to come.

In a nutshell, Gunsmith Focusing allows players to zero in on particular weapons from specific Foundries. This means you can finally aim for that specific gun you’ve wanted rather than leaving it up to random chance. However, there are some conditions to consider.

Only weapons released between Season 16 and Season 19 will be part of this focusing pool. The following Foundries and their respective weapons will be available for focusing:


  • Cantata-57
  • Syncopation-53
  • Fugue-55
  • Staccato-46
  • Pizzicato-22
  • Fioritura-59


  • Palmyra-B
  • Perses-D
  • Ragnhild-D
  • Enyo-D
  • Boudica-C
  • Lodbrok-C


  • Krait
  • Redback-5si
  • Funnelweb
  • Lunulata-4b
  • Taipan-4fr
  • Jararaca-3sr


  • Snorri FR5
  • Typhon GL5
  • Ogma PR6
  • Gallu RR3
  • Ammit AR2
  • Aurvandil FR6

You’ll need to spend three Gunsmith Engrams and 5,000 Glimmer to focus a weapon. Engrams can be earned through activities like Lost Sector completions and free-roam chests. Only two Foundries will be available for focusing each day, and the selection will rotate.

Introducing this feature also means these specific weapons will no longer be part of the world drops for Legendary Engrams. This is good because it increases your chances of getting other weapons, including the new armor set introduced in Season 22.

Gunsmith Focusing is just the tip of the iceberg. When Season 24 arrives, players can look forward to Season 20 weapons joining the focusing pool. There are also plans to add Field-Forged weapons in their category.

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