Diablo 4: Season of Blood Trailer Pulled Due to Numerous Errors

Blizzard Entertainment’s next Diablo 4 Season, Season of Blood, set to launch on October 17th, has been causing problems even before its release. With promises of new Uber Bosses, Vampiric Powers, and quality-of-life improvements, fans were eager to glimpse what’s to come. However, excitement turned to disappointment as a trailer showcasing these changes was released prematurely, only to be swiftly pulled down due to numerous errors.

The inaccuracies in the trailer did not go unnoticed by the gaming community. Raxxanterax, a figure in the Diablo community and content creator for, took to YouTube to dissect and critique the trailer. What was revealed was a series of mistakes that left fans scratching their heads.

One glaring issue was the presentation of improvements to dungeon layouts. The “Before” and “After” images were mistakenly swapped, causing confusion among viewers. While it’s common for developers to showcase improvements in this manner, the mix-up raised questions about the attention to detail in Season of Blood’s development.

Another point of contention was the comparison of improved mount speed. The trailer failed to provide any clear visual distinction between the old and new mount speeds, leaving players uncertain about the actual impact of this change.

However, the most significant error was found in the calculations related to XP gains. The trailer featured incorrect mathematical operations, using addition instead of multiplication for the base XP amount. This blunder cast doubt on the accuracy of the information presented and left players wondering if the upcoming changes would be as substantial as advertised.

Despite the uproar among fans and the critical analysis of the trailer, Blizzard Entertainment has remained tight-lipped about the errors. It’s unclear whether the trailer will be re-released with the necessary corrections, leaving players in suspense as they await updates.

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