Diablo 4’s Season of Blood Will Offer New Items, Aspects, and Paragon Glyphs

October 17 is the day when the new Diablo 4 season starts.

If you’re a Diablo 4 player, you should prepare for October 17. I know plenty of people have already given up on the game, but the day when the new Season of Blood launches will be pretty interesting. It will bring many new gameplay elements, including Unique items, Legendary Aspects, and Paragon Glyphs.

The upcoming season introduces 12 Unique items to help you customize your character. Remember, these items can only be found in World Tier 4 and are available in both the Eternal and Seasonal Realms.

For Barbarians, the Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty is quite interesting. This helm can offer more damage, additional Fury per second, and cooldown reduction. Druids aren’t left out either; they get the Dolmen Stone, which provides a unique interaction between Boulder and Hurricane skills.

Legendary Aspects is another new addition. The Aspect of Slaughter is especially useful for players who prioritize moving quickly, granting 20% additional movement speed. However, take damage, and you’ll lose this benefit briefly. Another highlight is the Aspect of Elements, which allows for a rotating set of damage-type bonuses.

This season will also offer Paragon Glyphs, adding another character customization layer. For instance, Barbarians have the “Twister” and “Rumble” glyphs that provide specific bonuses based on the Strength attribute. Druids, Necromancers, Rogues, and Sorcerers also receive similar unique glyphs that tie into their core attributes and skills.

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