Payday 3 Completes Scheduled Maintenance, Issues Resolved

The Payday 3 development team has good news for players experiencing issues. According to a recent tweet, their scheduled maintenance has been completed. This should come as a relief for gamers who may have encountered lag or issues with in-game rewards.

If you were among those facing delays in your game progression or had issues with unlocking completion rewards, these should now be fixed. In their most recent tweet, the team made it clear that players can now expect a smoother gaming experience.

In an earlier tweet in their most recent update, the team informed players about planned server maintenance sessions on October 6th and October 10th. These were set to occur from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. CEST. While that maintenance window is past, it shows the team’s commitment to keeping players informed ahead of potential disruptions.

Now that the scheduled maintenance is complete, it appears that the game is one step closer to providing a stable and rewarding experience for all its players. As the game continues to develop, players will undoubtedly be keen to hear more about what the team has in store, whether it’s new features, levels, or other updates.

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