PlayStation Reveals Launch Schedule for New Pulse Explore and Elite Headsets

Sony has announced the release dates for its Pulse Explore earbuds and Pulse Elite over-ear headset. If you’ve been waiting for these new additions to the PlayStation audio family, we’ve got all the details right here.

First off, let’s look at the Pulse Explore earbuds. They will launch on December 6, 2023, in select markets, including Australia. If you’re excited about this, you can pre-order them starting November 9th at 10 AM AEDT.

Switching gears to the Pulse Elite headset, the launch date is a bit farther down the road: February 21, 2024. If you’ve got a calendar handy, you might want to mark that down.

But wait, there’s more. The PlayStation Link USB Adapter, which comes with both the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore, will also be sold separately for $24.99 USD. So, if you need an extra adapter, you can get one without buying a whole new headset or earbuds.

Both of these headsets have unique features. The Pulse Explore earbuds offer dual microphones and AI-enhanced noise rejection, which means they can filter out background sounds. They also promise high-quality audio without any data loss. As for the Pulse Elite headset, it has similar noise rejection capabilities, plus a retractable boom microphone.

One interesting point is that both are designed using planar magnetic drivers. Sony claims to be one of the first companies to bring this technology to the consumer market.

Another thing that stands out is PlayStation Link a new wireless technology that aims to provide low latency and high-quality audio. This technology also allows for smooth switching between the PS5 USB adapter and PlayStation Portal. And yes, you can buy a standalone PlayStation Link USB adapter for your PC or Mac.

The Pulse Elite is priced at $150 USD, which makes it not as feature-rich as something like the InZone H7, which also offers active noise canceling. However, it’s worth noting that the Elite and Explore do bring some unique features to the table, like planar magnetic drivers and PlayStation Link technology.

So there you have it: when,  where, and how much for PlayStation’s upcoming Pulse Explore and Pulse Elite headsets. Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore gamer, it looks like PlayStation has got something for everyone in their new lineup. Keep an eye on those calendars and get ready to upgrade your audio experience.

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