Starbreeze Studios Addresses Payday 3 Patches and Player Progression Concerns

After a period of quiet, Starbreeze Studios has finally shed some light on the pressing issues affecting Payday 3. The key areas in focus are the much-awaited patches and the game’s progression system, specifically Infamy Points. Players have voiced concerns, and the developer is stepping up with promises to resolve them.

One of the main questions plaguing the community is, “When are the patches coming?” According to an official update from Starbreeze Studios, the first major patch is currently in testing and certification. The developers assure that they’re aiming for consistency across all platforms. Delays occurred due to critical errors in the update pipeline, but the team is working to ensure future patches roll out smoothly.

Another issue bothering players is the current progression system. As it stands, Infamy Points can only be earned through Challenges, leaving heists, a core component of the game, out of the equation. Starbreeze is considering changing this by rewarding Infamy Points for each theft, offering a more balanced experience.

In the official statement, Starbreeze acknowledged the frustration and anger among players. They reiterated their commitment to Payday 3, stating that the team is hard at work on a game “that will be supported for years to come.”

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