Ascendant Studios Eyes Game Pass and PlayStation Plus for “Immortals of Aveum”

In a recent interview with Windows Central, Bret Robbins, the CEO of Ascendant Studios, revealed that the company plans to revamp its latest title, Immortals of Aveum, which has faced significant market challenges since its launch. Ascendant Studios, which has experienced lower-than-expected sales and subsequent layoffs, is currently in talks with Microsoft and Sony to bring Immortals of Aveum to popular subscription services like Game Pass and PlayStation Plus.

In 2023, Immortals of Aveum, which featured a distinctive magic-based first-person combat, had a tough time competing in the gaming market. The game was overshadowed by major releases like Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon and Starfield. According to Robbins, the crowded release schedule was a major factor in the game’s underwhelming reception. game’s underwhelming reception.

Robbins explained that they were unable to delay or postpone their launch window, due to the challenges of introducing a new IP to an already crowded market. As a result, the studio faced financial difficulties, which ultimately led to the unfortunate decision of laying off almost half of its staff. While Robbins acknowledged that this move was necessary, it was deeply regrettable and had a significant emotional impact on the team.

Despite facing setbacks, Ascendant Studios has not given up on their game, Immortals of Aveum. To enhance the gaming experience, the studio recently introduced a free trial and the Echollector Update, which adds new content and features. Robbins, from the studio, remains optimistic about the game’s future. He believes that these efforts, combined with potential availability on Game Pass and PlayStation Plus, will help expand the game’s reach and engagement.

During the game’s development, the team utilized Unreal Engine 5, which was a noteworthy accomplishment, as it was one of the first games that utilized this advanced technology. The engine’s capabilities impressed Robbins and allowed Ascendant, a modestly sized studio, to compete at a high level. The partnership with Electronic Arts (EA) under the EA Originals program was also a significant aspect, with EA handling marketing and publishing responsibilities while still allowing Ascendant Studios to maintain creative control.

Ascendant Studios is working on a new project, as revealed by Robbins, its spokesperson. While the development of Immortals of Aveum presented difficulties, the studio has been learning and evolving in the ever-changing world of modern game development. Despite the challenges, there is a sense of progress and growth within the studio.

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