Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Set for November 28 Launch

Destiny 2 fans, listen up! The next season is on its way, and it’s called Season of the Wish. It’s starting on November 28th, so mark your calendars. This isn’t just an ordinary update, though. From what we’ve gathered, it appears to be a significant turning point in the ongoing story.

The Dreaming City has become a second home for those deeply involved in the game’s lore. Unfortunately, this mystical metropolis has been stuck in a frustrating loop, causing frustration among Guardians. With the advent of the Season of the Wish, there is a sense of finality in the air. Could we finally be on the verge of setting things right?

Let’s unpack the dense backstory. As Destiny players, we can all relate to being fooled by Riven, the last Ahamkara. The Forsaken expansion had us chasing shadows, and it ended on a heartbreaking note with the loss of Cayde-6. We thought we had put an end to Riven’s plans in The Last Wish raid, but all we managed to do was seal the Dreaming City in a permanent three-week cycle.

The Season of the Wish aims to tie up the loose ends and potentially provide a solution to the curse of the Dreaming City. It is still unclear how this will relate to The Final Shape, the upcoming expansion that players are eagerly anticipating. However, one thing is certain: the community is abuzz with theories and excitement.

Although the details are still unfolding, Bungie is widely recognized for its ability to craft a compelling storyline. Therefore, Guardians should be ready for what lies ahead. The journey promises to be full of revelations, and there is a chance to finally break the Dreaming City’s cycle. Keep an eye out for more information as we get closer to the launch date. It’s almost time to jump back in and discover what Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish has in store.

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