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Fortnite OG Season Update 27.00 Patch Notes, Tilted Towers, Here We Come

Fortnite is turning back the clock with its latest update, throwing us into a whirlwind of nostalgia. With update 27.00, Epic Games has decided to shake things up by steering the game back to its roots. This is a season that long-time players will find familiar yet refreshing.

Remember the rush of dropping into Tilted Towers? That rush is back as the update revives this beloved battleground. The familiar silhouette of the towers on the horizon is not just a callback; it’s a revival of the classic Fortnite experience.

It’s not just the places that are getting a rewind. Players will find that the high-tech gear that dominated recent seasons has taken a backseat. Instead, the simplicity of basic weapons is back, encouraging raw skill over gadgetry. Expect to see the Pump Shotgun and Tactical SMG, the bread and butter of many early victories, making a prominent return. Below you can find the Season OG Gameplay Trailer.

This season’s storm has a hint of deja vu, with patterns that will remind players of Fortnite’s early days. Those patterns are pushing players towards more head-to-head engagements, much like the original maps intended.

With simplicity as the theme, the shield potion system is ditching the complex for the classic, pushing players to adopt a more direct approach. No more hoarding small potions for the right moment; it’s time to drink up and dive into the fray.

Even outside the immediate gameplay, the changes are significant. The inventory interface has been streamlined, looking cleaner and functioning smoother, much to the delight of players who missed the less cluttered screens of the past.

And it’s not just about looking back. The update promises a sturdier playing experience with backend improvements that have players reporting fewer lags and more stable connections.

For those with a competitive streak, Epic hasn’t forgotten you. They’ve carved out a space for the hardcore fans of the original competitive Fortnite, complete with a leaderboard reset to level the playing field.

The community isn’t left out of this time travel experience either. The first-season outfits and accessories are making a re-appearance, with some getting a visual polish to keep up with the times. And for those who like to revisit their glory moments, the replay system has been given a boost to present those epic wins in even better quality.

Early Fortnite 27.00 Patch Notes


  • The top navigation bar in the lobby may overlap the V-Bucks display
  • The “Sweet!” emote is not behaving properly.


  • Fortnite Career Page is not displaying the correct information.

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