Players Rally for the Return of Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone

This past weekend, Fortnite surged to new heights, drawing in a record-breaking 44.7 million players in a single day. It’s an eye-opener that has many looking back fondly on their gaming peaks, particularly within the Call of Duty community. In light of Fortnite’s success, there’s been a growing voice among Call of Duty players, a desire to return to the roots, specifically to the maps that started it all in the battle royale genre for the franchise Verdansk.

Verdansk, the original map of Call of Duty: Warzone, holds a special place in many players’ hearts. It was more than just a map, it was the backdrop for countless battles and victories. However, fans are divided. Some argue that its return would rekindle the initial.

Meanwhile, Blackout, the map from Black Ops 4 that ventured into battle royale territory in 2018, represents a different kind of throwback. Some fans consider Blackout an underappreciated gem that could offer a fresh yet familiar experience for both old and new players. It’s a map that hasn’t had as much time in the spotlight as Verdansk, suggesting its return might inject a novel twist into the current Call of Duty terrain.

It’s not just the setting that has catapulted Fortnite back into the limelight. It’s the holistic package, the gameplay mechanics, the iconic weapons, and the overall ambiance reminiscent of its early days. The return of veteran streamers and the infusion of fresh faces into Fortnite’s community have contributed to a perfect storm for a renaissance.

Time plays a crucial role in the nostalgia factor. Verdansk, only three years removed from its heyday, may not have the same vintage appeal that a five-year-old Fortnite map has. Locations like Tilted Towers carry a certain weight in the gaming community that newer spots can’t match yet. Thus, Blackout may have the edge in evoking that deeper sense of longing for the past, as it hails from the earlier days of COD’s battle royale offerings.

In crafting this comeback tale for Call of Duty, the developers would need to consider the delicate balance between bringing back beloved elements and ensuring they still fit within the game’s evolution. It’s about more than geography. It’s about recapturing the essence of past glories while keeping the game fresh and competitive.

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