Remedy is Focusing on Upcoming Projects After Alan Wake 2’s Success

Alan Wake 2 might have just landed, but Remedy Studios isn’t wasting any time. The Finnish developer is already talking about its next moves, including sequels and remakes that have fans talking. Let’s veer off the straight path a bit and dive into the mishmash of projects that Remedy has in the pipeline.

Before we jump into what’s ahead, let’s take a moment to appreciate Alan Wake 2. Launched on October 27th, the game received high marks from critics. Our own review gave it a 9.5 out of 10. It seems that the long wait was worth it, showing that taking your time often results in something pretty special.

Now, back to the future. CEO Tero Virtala mentioned that a sequel to the 2019 hit game Control is in the “proof-of-concept” stage. The company is testing out key elements and plans to focus on this stage for the next few quarters. Basically, they’re making sure they’ve got something good before they throw all their resources at it.

Next on the docket, the Max Payne remakes. Remedy is collaborating with Rockstar Games, the original rights-holder, to breathe new life into these early 2000s classics. The project has reached the “production readiness” stage, which means it’s almost time to really get the ball rolling.

Remedy’s also taking a swing at multiplayer with a game called Condor. This project has also reached the “production readiness” stage. What’s different here is that Remedy has gotten some solid insights into how to make a game that people will keep playing over time.

Lastly, there’s something under wraps called Codename Vanguard. This one is still in its early stages but aims to complete its proof-of-concept by the year’s end.

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