The Day Before Faces Yet Another Copying Accusation, Is The Criticism Too Harsh?

In video game development, inspiration can be drawn from anywhere. Yet, when does this inspiration cross the line into imitation? The Day Before, a highly awaited post-apocalyptic MMO, finds itself in the hot seat once more, facing accusations of mimicking other popular games. While the world of gaming is vast and varied, the line between inspiration and imitation often becomes blurred, leading to heated debates among fans.

Fresh off its recent gameplay trailer release on November 1, 2023, The Day Before is under scrutiny again. A video by YouTube user Randomly (via IGN)compared the voiceover from the game’s trailer with those from other iconic titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Phrases from The Day Before’s trailer seemingly mirror word-for-word those used in the trailers of these other big-name titles, reigniting concerns over originality.

The issue isn’t a first for the game. Past comparisons have been drawn between The Day Before and other games such as The Last of Us, The Division, and Call of Duty based on visual content. This time, however, the critique revolves around the voiceover narrative.

One of the standout similarities highlighted was the phrasing used in both The Day Before and Cyberpunk 2077’s trailers, where both trailers invite players to the “next generation” of their respective genres and encourage immersion. Similarly, when speaking about weapon mechanics, The Day Before’s descriptions seem to echo sentiments from Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay video.

While these comparisons are evident, it’s crucial to consider the broader context. Game trailers often employ a shared lexicon to describe features, experiences, and mechanics. In an industry where numerous titles may share thematic or mechanical similarities, it’s not uncommon for some overlap in language.

The continuous flow of accusations has undoubtedly placed immense pressure on Fntastic, the developers of The Day Before. As creators, it’s disheartening to witness your labor of love being dissected and criticized, especially when intentions might have been genuine. While we live in a world that celebrates freedom of expression, it’s essential to approach such situations with empathy and understanding.

What did we learn from this? We live in a cruel world, and everything can be turned against us.

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