Ubisoft Initiates Layoffs Affecting 124 Employees in Canadian Studios and IT Division

Ubisoft has taken a sobering step, confirming layoffs within its workforce that will impact 124 positions, primarily within their Canadian operations and global IT department. This development, which was initially reported by Video Games Chronicle, underscores the measures Ubisoft is implementing to tighten its operational efficiency and bolster its positioning for the future.

The job cuts are taking place within the company’s general and administrative sectors in Canada, as well as the VFX studio Hybride Technologies in Montreal and the global IT department. Ubisoft Montreal, the company’s largest development studio with a previous headcount of around 4,000 employees, is also affected. These changes follow on the heels of the September announcement that Ubisoft would close its London mobile studio, impacting another 54 jobs.

While the restructuring does not directly impact the teams dedicated to game production, it does underscore the company’s drive toward cost-saving measures. Ubisoft had earlier stated a goal to cut costs by €200 million over the coming two years, with strategies including targeted restructuring and divesting from non-core assets.

In an industry that has seen numerous layoffs in 2023, affecting companies such as Xbox Game Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and others, Ubisoft’s announcement contributes to a growing trend of uncertainty for gaming professionals. Despite the industry’s expansive growth and the success of major titles, economic pressures and the need for efficiency are leading to tough decisions and a reevaluation of workforce needs.

Ubisoft has expressed a deep appreciation for the contributions of the affected employees and is committed to supporting them through the transition, providing assistance in finding new opportunities. This commitment speaks to the company’s acknowledgment of the value these individuals have brought to their roles and the difficult nature of this corporate decision.

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