Electronic Arts Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity for Frostbite Engine

Electronic Arts (EA), one of the leading game publishers, has recently announced a significant makeover for its proprietary Frostbite engine, marked by the unveiling of a new logo and brand identity.

The Frostbite engine, known for powering some of EA’s most popular games, has evolved from its initial design, which featured multiple splinters and shards, to a more streamlined and defined handprint. This transformation is aesthetic and symbolic of the engine’s new direction and philosophy.

Electronic Arts (EA), a powerhouse in the gaming industry, has announced a significant makeover for its proprietary Frostbite engine. This transformation is marked by the introduction a new logo and a refreshed brand identity, signaling a shift in EA’s approach to game development.

The rebranding of the Frostbite engine represents more than just a cosmetic change. It underscores EA’s commitment to fostering collaborative innovation and enhancing partnerships with its teams and creators. This new direction aims to better understand and meet the development and technological needs across EA’s various game teams.

Central to the new branding is preserving the Frostbite handprint, a symbol of the human touch in game creation and the collective imprint of all those who contribute to bringing games to life. This iconic handprint, which has been a part of Frostbite’s identity since its inception, has been redesigned to reflect the engine’s evolution.

The new logo features consecutive, overlapping layers, each symbolizing the strengths and innovations contributed by different teams within EA. This design approach highlights the importance of collaboration in achieving a cohesive and advanced gaming experience. The new logo’s smoother, more fluid shapes also demonstrate EA’s dedication to refining the engine for a better user experience.

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