Fallout 4’s Next-Gen Update Postponed to 2024

Fans awaiting the enhanced version of the popular RPG, Fallout 4, for next-gen consoles and PCs will need to hold on longer as Bethesda announces a push back to 2024. Originally set for a 2023 release, the update promises to leverage the advanced capabilities of new consoles, offering high frame rates, 4K resolution gameplay, bug fixes, and additional Creation Club content.

Bethesda expressed gratitude for the community’s patience and shared their enthusiasm for the forthcoming update. We know you’re excited, and so are we! But we need a bit more time and look forward to an exciting return to the Commonwealth in 2024, the company stated.

The delay comes amid Bethesda’s focus on their upcoming title, Starfield, which is set to launch in September after facing its share of delays. Pete Hines, Bethesda’s recently retired head of publishing, highlighted Starfield’s priority in the studio’s current schedule. “Dunno if you heard, but we are shipping a new game in 3 weeks- bit of a priority. When we have an update, we will share it,” he said in August.

Fallout 4, the last mainline entry in the Fallout series, has been a monumental success since its release in 2015, shipping 12 million copies on launch day alone. The series, which debuted in 1997, saw its most recent addition with Fallout 76, an online multiplayer title, in 2018. The ongoing support for Fallout 76 is evident with the recent launch of Season 15, The Big Score.

What are your thoughts on this delay? Are you excited for the next-gen update of Fallout 4? Share your views with us.

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