Lies of P 2 to Harness the Power of Unreal Engine 5 in Its Development

Riding the wave of success from their acclaimed Soulslike RPG, developer Neowiz has confirmed exciting news for fans: the development of Lies of P 2 is not just underway. Still, it will be leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Unreal Engine 5.

The original Lies of P was a standout game in a year brimming with instant classics, delivering what many consider the best Soulslike experience from a studio other than FromSoftware. Its top-notch graphics and intense action gameplay won critical and commercial acclaim.

Following the success of Lies of P, Neowiz announced in November that a sequel was in development.

A recent job listing on Neowiz’s official website, as reported by @IdleSloth84_ on Twitter, reveals a significant update: Lies of P 2 will be developed using Unreal Engine 5. This transition promises to elevate the game’s visual and interactive fidelity, building on the impressive foundation laid by Unreal Engine 4 in the original game.

While the sequel is likely still in the early stages of development, this announcement has stirred excitement among the gaming community. Neowiz’s commitment to delivering “top-notch graphics, in-depth level design, and an intense action experience” suggests a significant leap forward in the game’s evolution. Additionally, with ongoing DLC developments for the first game, Neowiz continues to engage and expand the Lies of P universe for its fanbase.

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