Palworld Flying T-Pose Bug Lets You Feel Like John Wick for a Moment

Pals, there’s a bug in Palworld that puts your character in a flying T-pose, and it looks like something straight out of John Wick, or should we say, John Palworld?

A Palworld player who goes by Willcario on Reddit shared an interesting short clip, showing some impressive John Wick-like skills in Palworld. In the clip, the player slides down a hill, takes a leap, goes into T-pose flying mode, and then uses just one hand while the other remains in T-pose to shoot at the Chikipi.

Now, the flying T-pose is obviously a glitch, but for those curious about how to trigger it, Neurosss got you covered.

Grab a glider from your glider slot and click on a shield. Somehow, the shield ends up in the slot, granting you extra shield points and the entertaining T-pose animation for gliding.

get real
byu/Willcario inPalworld

Remember, this is an unintended bug, and you can also pull it off with accessory slots. So, if you want to equip multiple sets of armor for substantial defense and health boosts while staying comfy in both cold and hot environments simultaneously, go for it.

We encourage you to try it out and let us know how it went.

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