Palworld player shares 25 Pro Tips everyone agrees with

The newly-founded Palworld community is quite interesting, and it is great to see that all players who are members are doing everything in their power to help each other.

One player caught our eye on Reddit, where they shared not one, not two, but 25 pro tips with the rest of the Palworld community. Reading some of them has helped tremendously for us, thus making the gameplay even smoother than it is.

Other players agreed with them, and we tested them out too. Hint: they all work, and are awesome tips.

Gatekeeping should be left in the past, so we will pass them on to you, fellow reader, to make things a bit easier with new games such as Palworld here.

Palworld 25 Pro Tips

  • Build your base out of stone, near resources and away from cliffs. Wood is not a good choice, due to it burning from raids.
  • Feed boxes should be located near the center of your base, or near critical functions to speed up efficiency. Also, walking Pals are not working Pals.
  • Chests should be built near areas of production to speed up item transfers
  • Galeclaw is a perfect glider and makes bunny-hop-gliding faster than sprinting. Double-tapping jump will instantly recall it.
  • Flying mounts can be combined with ranged weapons for safer battles.
  • If you do not want to manually feed your team, craft a feed bag.
  • Cooking berries as soon as you obtain the technology will restore SAN.
  • Pals that unlock collar accessories can be out for combat, and they do not take damage.
  • Pals with lucky, legend and elemental buffs can transfer their passive skills through the Breeding Farm.
  • Pals deal around 20% more damage with active skills of the same element as their type.
  • Pal merchants refresh their wares if you remove and replace them in the base. Black market traders will sell you several different Pals, revealing their habitat locations.
  • Ingots can be turned into nails and sold for a high value.
  • Pals that are meant to do tasks are more efficient than Pals that handle several operations.
  • Flying mounts are the most efficient way to scale cliffs, and are better than climbing. This means that if they run out of stamina, you can jump off and switch to your glider.
  • If you want to upgrade the partner skills of good Pals, all you have to do is condense useless Pals in the Pal condenser.
  • If there are glitches and other game-related problems, simply leave the game and rejoin it.
  • Pals will get de-buffs to their wellness if you leave the game and it is running on a server. However, they still operate efficiently if their suitability is high.
  • Every Pal ball tier should be working when it is thrown at the back, thus having a higher capture chance. If the pal is sleeping, stunned, or frozen, the chances get even higher.
  • When you die, the loot bag freezes timers on food. This is good to use for indefinite storage.
  • Dark Pals are 24/7 workers, meaning that they don’t sleep.
  • Avoid leveling attacks and work speed because weapons and Pals do better.
  • You can get a set of hot or cold armor, and stack some thermal undershirts of the opposite type for survival in most climates.
  • Use your Pal team to mine ore and break trees if they have the work suitability to reduce the need to carry tools.
  • Aim to get the ten capture bonus, because you will get the experience appropriate for your level.
  • Pals that are at a higher level than you can be placed in a base to defend it.

Wow, so many tips. Big thanks to the dedicated player for sharing these with us.

You should try them all, and report back here. If you have some other tips, please share them with us in the comments below.

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