Avowed is going to have multiple endings

During the recent Xbox Developer Direct, a closer inspection of player choices in Obsidian’s forthcoming RPG, Avowed, was presented, mainly through an in-depth view of a specific side quest. This led to questions about the game’s conclusion, precisely whether Avowed would feature multiple endings given its emphasis on player choice.

Post-event, game director Carrie Patel confirmed in an interview with IGN that Avowed indeed incorporates multiple endings, a characteristic feature of Obsidian games. “I mean it’s an Obsidian game. What else would we be if we didn’t have a few different endings?” Patel remarked. She did not delve into the specifics of the number or diversity of these endings.

Patel discussed the nature of player choice in the game and its interpretation by players. It’s not about triggering a series of events but more about how players perceive and interpret the world’s response to their actions, particularly in a game where the world is open, and players might not witness every reaction or interaction.

Patel emphasized the necessity of a balanced approach to the consequences of players’ choices. “You have to approach it with a degree of range, both in the spread and placement of those consequences and also the nature of those consequences,” she stated. The game aims to balance surprising yet believable outcomes and ensure that not every quest has explosive implications. While some quests significantly affect the characters and the world, others offer equally valid and deeply personal narratives.

According to Patel, the beauty of RPGs lies in the variety they offer concerning the tone, type, scope, and nature of content. Avowed promises a vast world filled with diverse experiences that collectively shape the player’s journey as the protagonist.

With Avowed set for a 2024 release, anticipation is building for what choices Obsidian will present in the game. Initially teased in 2020 and further showcased in a 2023 Xbox event, Avowed is also noted for its focus on unique companion relationships, excluding romances and limiting character creation options to elves or humans.

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