Avowed Set for Autumn 2024 Release, New Footage Highlights Combat Mechanics, Adversaries, and Quests

Obsidian Entertainment recently unveiled fresh insights and gameplay elements for Avowed at the Xbox Developer_Direct. Players step into the shoes of the Aedyr Empire’s Envoy, embarking on an adventure to the Living Lands to probe into a mysterious magical affliction. The journey promises hidden discoveries, including secrets of the protagonist’s story.

The arsenal includes pistols, swords, shields, and wands, offering more than just straightforward combat. Players can tailor their combat style with customizable loadouts, allowing for tactical switches mid-battle. A notable highlight is the ability to dual-wield wands, enabling potent combinations like freezing an adversary with one wand and crushing them with a melee weapon held in the other hand.

The gameplay preview also sheds light on one of the side quests, where players stumble upon a group of defeated soldiers and delve into the story of a deserter Private. The unfolding of this quest hinges on the player’s judgment – opting to trust the Private’s account leads to a peaceful resolution, whereas confrontation might ignite a battle. The choices made by the player resonate back in the town, reflecting the repercussions of their decisions.

Slated for release in the upcoming autumn, Avowed will be available on Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms. Fans and gamers can look forward to more detailed updates in the months ahead.

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