Cube World Omega will likely be Developed in Unreal Engine 5

Wolfram von Funck, the creator of Cube World, has suggested that the upcoming sequel, Cube World Omega, may be developed using Unreal Engine 5. This move to Unreal Engine 5 could potentially bring many benefits to the game and its fans.

Even though its release date is likely super far away, previously, the developer said:

The game has a completely new graphics engine based on Vulkan.

I added some ambient things like moving clouds, jiggling tree leaves and water waves as well as weather effects such as rain and snow. Also, water in colder areas can now be frozen with a slippery ice surface.

With the powerful capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, Cube World Omega is expected to feature a world rich in detail and realism. The introduction of creatures, each with unique behaviors and interactions, further enriches the dynamic world of Cube World Omega.

Just today, Wolfram von Funck said that Unreal Engine 5 seems quite promising so far, but he’s trying to get the look and feel right. It will be amazing, for sure!

Previously, he said that the game has a completely new graphics engine based on Vulkan, and Vulkan does work with Unreal Engine 5. With today’s message, we can finally confirm that he’s going to definitely use Unreal Engine 5. Below you can find the latest devblog video.

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