Need for Speed Unbound will have another year full of updates

Need for Speed Unbound is not slowing down anytime soon. As the franchise hits its 30th anniversary, it’s gearing up for another year filled with updates and new content. This year, things will be a bit different. Recognizing that NFS means something unique to everyone, the team focuses on inclusivity and building the future together.

NFS is entering its second year of live service with a promise to evolve continuously. They call this approach Kaizen, which means ‘change for better‘.

The upcoming year will see the addition of four new content volumes to the open-world racer, released periodically. Each volume will bring at least one new game mode, two new customizable cars, and a fresh Speed Pass to the mix.

To honor the franchise’s milestone, the new content will draw inspiration from various iconic Need for Speed titles. For example, Volume 7, set to launch between May and July, will introduce Drift and Drag modes reminiscent of Need for Speed Underground. Volume 8, expected between August and October, will feature Cops vs. Racers, nodding to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Beginning with Volume 6, the first installment of the game’s second-year roadmap, players will also have access to the Premium Speed Pass. This paid battle pass offers instant access to a new vehicle, its custom versions, and all customization options, alongside exclusive new customization features. A free version of the Speed Pass will continue to be available.

Criterion aims to use this second year of post-launch content to craft “the ultimate NFS experience in one place,” emphasizing that player feedback and gameplay will be crucial in shaping the franchise’s future.

The studio is committed to a “test and learn” approach, actively seeking feedback through various channels, including a dedicated Player Council of NFS influencers, community members, and players. Enhanced telemetry tracking and transparent communication are also part of their strategy to understand player preferences and respond accordingly.

  • Evolving Volumes

We’re committing to adding four new volumes of content in the next year, each launching every few months. We aim to deliver some exciting themed updates, with at least one new major mode added to each volume. We will also continue to build on and evolve with each time. Adding more events, more challenges, new content, Ranks to earn, and new progression to chase. We will deliver at least two new fully customizable cars as part of the Speed Pass. And when we say cars, we mean cars in the NFS sense, like no one else creates. We aren’t just talking base models here and stock paint there; we are talking cars that come with fully customizable body kits with a myriad of interchangeable parts so you can tweak your ride just the way you want it.

  • Most Requested Bug Fixes and Improvements

We really want to be fixing and focusing on the things that you all care about most (like adding realistic driving effects last December), but as a small team, we need to prioritize where we spend our time, and it will always focus on what we feel is best for you all. Every improvement we try to make is a trade-off between something new and something different. So we’ll be closely monitoring your comments and feedback and coming to you with regular communications about what we’re learning along the way.

  • Premium Speed Pass*

Starting with Volume 6, we are introducing an all-new premium track to the Speed Pass that will grant you instant access to one of our hot new vehicles and unlock the ability to earn all its deep customisation content. It also includes custom versions of the vehicle, and it’s where you can find our hottest new customisation options each season. Refining our Speed Pass this way is how we can keep delivering unique new content and gameplay to you through a more simplified approach. If that’s not your thing, though, we will still be offering a free track of the Speed Pass with new vehicles and customizations for you to enjoy.

  • Always Be Learning

We see this as a year to test and learn and understand what works best for you. Committing to an extended Unbound live service allows us to really build on feedback, which we’ll be gathering in a few ways. We’re working closely with a dedicated Player Council – a great bunch of NFS influencers, core community members, and players to understand what’s important to them and their communities. We’ll be increasing the amount of telemetry we track from the games to better understand through gameplay data what’s working for you. And we’ll look to close the feedback loop by being as transparent as possible with you, letting you know what we’ve heard and what we can and can’t do.


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