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Pokemon Go Raid Hours February 2024 featuring Cresselia

This is something I’ve seen for the first time since this event released, a Raid Hour happening on a Tuesday. Very strange.

Well, February 20, 2024, is going to be a day when Pokemon Go is hosting a Raid Hour, and yes, it is on a Tuesday. But when you hear what Pokemon will be the one available in Raid Battles, you will be quite excited.

As you already know, Raid Hours are events where Trainers have multiple chances of going up against the chosen Raid Boss, and for one hour exactly, the Raid Boss will be in every Gym eligible to host a Five-star Raid Battle. This Raid Hour, Niantic and Pokemon Go have a Pokemon as a Raid Boss that you have all been waiting for, and that Pokemon is Cresselia.

Cresselia is a Psychic-type Pokemon that is part of the Lunar Duo with Darkrai. Cresselia is known as the Lunar Pokemon with a blue, swan-like body. Its appearance is very dreamy, so its name quite fits this Pokemon. Its power is said to be able to dispel nightmares, opposite to its partner, Darkrai. This is quite an interesting story, to be honest.

One last thing though, the Trainers that will be encountering Cresselia on February 20, 2024, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. can get a Cresselia that knows Grass Knot. But what team will help you beat Cresselia? Fear not, as I have prepared a list of Cresselia’s best counters and movesets that will help you beat down this Raid Boss in February 2024.

Raid Hours featuring Cresselia best counters and movesets

  • Mega Tyranitar – Bite and Brutal Swing
  • Mega Gengar – Lick and Shadow Ball
  • Shadow Tyranitar – Bite and Brutal Swing
  • Shadow Chandelure – Hex and Shadow Ball
  • Mega Banette – Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Mega Houndoom – Snarl and Foul Play
  • Shadow Gengar – Lick and Shadow Ball
  • Mega Rayquaza – Dragon Tail and Dragon Ascent
  • Shadow Cursola – Hex and Shadow Ball
  • Shadow Mewtwo – Psycho Cut and Shadow Ball

What team will you be using? Tell us in the comments below.

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