Escape From Tarkov is straying away from its Milsim roots

Battlestate Games’ Escape From Tarkov is a super good game. Even though the developer is advertising it as hardcore milsim survival shooter, the speed and gameplay, doesn’t really seem to back it up.

It’s not just me saying this, but there are tons of others, which really inspired me to write this piece. If you ask me, Escape From Tarkov Arena is more suitable to the current gameplay state, rather than the ordinary Escape From Tarkov game.

One Twitch streamer, Klean, has pointed out that the game just wants to be a milsim, but isn’t played like one, and everyone can totally agree about that.

So, basically, Escape From Tarkov, and I mean, the original Escape From Tarkov, not Arena, is rather a game that’s just dressed like a Milsim, but it’s far away from that. The game frames an environment filled with danger and requires careful planning, suggesting a simulation where each choice and action is significant. However, other parts such as game speed and “overpowered” movement mask a gameplay experience that significantly separates from the original milsim values.

True milsim games need realism and authenticity with a much slower flow, with military engagements and survival scenarios. Scenarios that require strategic communication are rarely a thing nowadays, and everyone simply knows the callouts so can communicate properly with their teammates. Even the GEAR FEAR is no longer there, simply because anyone can Scav in and get some easy money.

Instead, Tarkov is just looting and individual skill over teamwork and strategic planning. This takes players away from the milsim promise, and keeps them only hooked with survival and looting.

Even though I have nothing against Escape From Tarkov and I love the game, lowering the game speed and progression might be the best course of action. But in that case, Casual gamers won’t get the chance to achieve a decent level of progression and be closer to those sitting in front of PC 24/7 and gaming EFT. Either way, I do believe that once Escape From Tarkov releases fully and gets out of the Early Access by the end of this year, the developer will slow down the progression and crank those quest requirements quite heavily.

Aside from that, they should also slow down the pace of the game and make the weapon recoil more punishing, because the weapon mastery (which is a PMC perk in the game alongside tons of others) will help them lower their recoil. It was good seeing some weapons bumpy, because, we’re talking about a game, and the best way to compensate recoil is by using your mouse. But after the last wipe, it seems that everything is a laser beam.

As for the product, come on, no matter how much we love it or hate it, it’s definitely worth the money, as I doubt there’s any other survival shooter game that will grant you this much entertainment. It’s just pure gold, even though changes are somewhat mandatory.

Until Battlestate Games releases Escape From Tarkov fully, we can just wait and see what’s going to happen. Until then, stay tough, MR BEAR, or USEC, whatever the h*** you are. If you think I missed something, just let me know in the comments below!

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