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Pokemon Go bug affecting Android users after latest update, game crashes or doesn’t load

Pokemon Go from time to time has some kind of beef with Android users, and we don’t appreciate that.

Multiple players have reported that right after the latest Pokemon Go update, it looks like the game went ballistic, in a way. Most of those reports are coming from Trainers that are using Android devices, and some iOS users, but most of the complaints are definitely from the former.

As they all say, right after the newest and latest Pokemon Go update, the game suddenly started crashing, preventing players from even trying to play with our beloved Pokemon. Next on the list, and I think that it is the most problematic one, Trainers can’t even log in. Like at all.

Among these two main problems, Trainers say that Pokemon Go is logging them out from time to time, but only when the game is in loading mode. Last but not least, Pokemon Go isn’t loading sometimes.

Such big problems greatly affect gameplay. Niantic, please fix them as soon as possible, so we can roam around the Pokemon Go world.

Have you encountered a different problem than these? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. I have a serious concern about a bug that prevents me from accessing my gameplay on the app and I would like to have my app fixed. The second the app opens It suddenly crash down on me.

  2. Been encountering the same situations multiple times throughout yesterday afternoon after the update happened. Crashed after a long minute loading screen, app closes itself or even refresh to the loading screen again in seconds, rinse repeat. I did every process of getting the app to work from clear cache to uninstall and reinstall the app. This bug is messing with my daily routines.

  3. Its a pretty bad deal on android. I noticed that if you turned off your GPS, you can still get into the game. It seems like the GPS aspect of pokemon go isn’t working.

  4. After several days, several reinstalls, and a couple factory resets, the Play Store now shows a warning “information from similar devices indicates this app will stop working on your device” and there are numerous comments in the reviews about it.

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