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Pokemon Go Level 60 is inevitable

With all the progress our favorite mobile game has gone through these past couple of months, there should be one last change that could bring it to the very top.

From implementing new features, some good and some bad, Pokemon Go has gone through extensive changes that changed the gameplay. However, the excitement fizzled out a little bit, but it was still there. One main thing that all Trainers want, and need, to progress in Pokemon Go is XP.

Known as Experience Points, a Trainer needs a set amount of XP to progress to the next level. Everything you do in Pokemon Go brings you a certain number of XP, and it is added to the total number needed to be collected to level up. Going to the next level gives a Trainer new opportunities, and unlocked features and it makes the overall gameplay better and more exciting.

Well, the last events in Pokemon Go have got me thinking. All of the XP, but what about the Trainers that have maxed out? What should they do? I think that now is the right time for Niantic to bust out Level 60, and do something interesting. Plus, the events happening now and that will be happening in the next couple of days are all focused on XP.

Could this be a quiet announcement of Level 60? I do hope so, Level 60 needs to happen sooner or later. If it doesn’t happen, the idea of leveling up vanishes for all that have reached “the end.”

What do you think about this? Let’s discuss Level 60 in the comments below.

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