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Pokemon Go Player Defeats Giovanni with Only One Pokemon – A Sacred Sword and Rock Slide Terrakion

Trainers, the impossible became possible. Giovanni lost to only one Pokemon, and not just any Pokemon, but a Sacred Sword Rock Slide Terrakion.

Team Go Rocket is back, this time stronger than ever. They are using new, different Shadow Pokemon than before, and they are a threat to us, or so I thought.

Cmillan1 decided to challenge Giovanni and his Shadow Pokemon and enter the battle with only one Pokemon. The Pokemon Go player opted for Terrakion with Sacred Sword and Rock Slide as attacks, and he wasn’t wrong.

The battle begins with Terrakion and Shadow Persian, taking 17 seconds to defeat. Shadow Persian used two shields, but here the player turned out to be the winner.

In the next fight, this time against Shadow Garchomp, Terrakion didn’t start with full HP, and to be honest, I didn’t expect Terrakion to come out victorious again. After a good 18 seconds, Sacred Sword and Rock Slide Terrakion defeated Shadow Garchomp. Now you know which Pokemon’s turn it is, right?

Just when we thought Terrakion was going to lose, he focused and defeated Giovanni and his new, the final Shadow Pokemon in the lineup, Shadow Groudon.

All this happened very quickly somehow, and kudos to the player and his achievement. Not everyone can match Giovanni, let alone beat him.

We recommend you watch the fight below and witness something very rare.

Terrakion Beats Giovanni Epic Battle

How are you doing with Team Go Rocket Grunts, Leaders, and Giovanni? Did you manage to beat them and catch a new Shiny Shadow Pokemon? And did you defeat Giovanni and save Shadow Groudon?

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