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Pokemon Go Tapu Bulu Raid Guide, Weakness, Best Counters and Moves, Can Tapu Bulu be Shiny?

Trainers, Tapu Bulu is coming to Five-star Raids in April 2024, and if you want to defeat him and catch the shiny form, you must defeat this Grass and Fairy-type Pokemon first.

April 2024 promises a lot, and if you are after shiny hunting, we recommend that you participate in every fight, with every Raid Boss, because all of them can be shiny. Shiny Kartana and Shiny Celesteela make their debut in Pokemon Go, only to be replaced by Tapu Bulu and Registeel in Five-star Raids.

Tapu Bulu is not a very easy Raid Boss to defeat, and it will be best to use Poison attacks. Tapu Bulu is 2x weak to Poison attacks, so a group of Pokemon like Mega Rayquaza, Mega Beedrill, Mega Gengar, Shadow Toxicroak, and Shadow Gengar will do the job. However, we have to tell you that it is almost impossible to beat Tapu Bulu solo. But never say never, there is a first time for everything.

To make sure you beat him, aim to be a party of 3+ players. Two of you could beat them, but have a team of three just in case.

We have a list of Pokemon and moves that we think are great against this Pokemon, so let’s take a look at them below.

Tapu Bulu Weaknesses

Tapu Bulu is 2x weak to Poison attacks. This Pokemon is also weak to Flying, Steel, Fire, and Ice-type Pokemon, but using a Poison attack can help you when in battle.

Tapu Bulu Best Counters and Moves

  • Mega Beedrill with Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb
  • Mega Rayquaza with Air Slash and Dragon Ascent
  • Mega Gengar with Lick and Sludge Bomb
  • Shadow Gengar with Lick and Sludge Bomb
  • Shadow Toxicorak with Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb

Is Shiny Tapu Bulu Available in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Tapu Bulu is available in the game. This is your chance to get it, so make sure to follow our guide.

You are all set now. Tapu Bulu will appear in Five-star Raids starting from April 12 to April 25, 2024.

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