ARK: Scorched Earth Ascended is finally here

ARK: Scorched Earth, DLC for Ark Survival Ascended is now available, which should enhance the survival game, which is known for its peculiar features. Ark: Survival Ascended has finally improved and spread its wings with the launch of Scorched Earth. This addition will introduce players to new environments, challenges, and surprises.

Scorched Earth Ascended puts players in a desert, split into six biomes. From ancient caves to ruins, each biome is filled with something unique. But being in a desert, players must pay attention to their hydration and experience harsh environmental hazards.

This expansion brings new features, creatures players can tame, and challenges to overcome. Fasolasuchus is a new creature besides the Death Worm, which might be scary to encounter in those sands.

In addition to the usual things, players can craft over 50 new items to survive. Whether it’s heat-resistant gear, tools, and weapons, players must find the right materials to get there.

Last but not least, there will be a new Boss, an Apex Predator, the Manticore. This foe will include new mechanics in a battle that will put players to the test. As for more details, you can check the official Steam page and watch the trailer below:

ARK: Scorched Earth Ascended is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox S/X.

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