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Croagunk and its Shiny form to appear more often for one hour on April 9, 2024 during Spotlight Hour

Having a toxic mouth is not the best personality trait, but when it comes to Pokemon, that would be something we all want to have.

Given that it is Tuesday, Trainers are going to have a Spotlight Hour event. An event that is loved by many, and taken advantage of by many, Spotlight Hours have a duration of one hour where Trainers can see and try to catch the featured Pokemon. Happening each Tuesday in the month, there are different Pokemon, and a different bonus that is active during the Spotlight Hour event.

Well, for April 9, 2024, the chosen Pokemon is Croagunk, and the bonus 2x XP for evolving Pokemon. The Toxic Mouth Pokemon, which is a Poison/Fighting-type Pokemon, is joining us all in Pokemon Go from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time.

As you know, there are a lot of “tricks” on how to maximize your Spotlight Hour time. Since the active bonus is going to be 2x XP for evolving Pokemon, it is a great time to make a to-do list of which Pokemon you want to evolve, and get the 2x XP, which is very much needed.

There is another thing too, that I am sure not many know, and that is the advantage of Mega Pokemon. Make sure to have a Mega Pokemon during this Spotlight Hour in April 2024 to maximize your Candy per Croagunk catch. Having a Mega Pokemon in your roster that shares a type with Croagunk is great, plus you can evolve Croagunk into Toxicroak faster. But for that evolution, you will need 50 Croagunk Candy.

Toxic or not, I would still like to take advantage of the second Spotlight Hour event in April 2024.

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