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Escape From Tarkov Arena is getting a new map, Block, Patch Notes

It also separates config files of Arena and the base game.

After yesterday’s Tease about the Block and the big Escape From Tarkov update, Battlestate Games has announced that the block will be deployed today, April 4, and Currently, the game is under maintenance. The installation of update will commence shortly, with the server and map going live shortly after.

The maintenance started at 9:00 AM BST, and if everything goes well, should last 2 more hours from the time of this writing. Aside from the new map, this update separates the config files for Arena and the base Escape From Tarkov game.

Aside from that, this update could also link Arena to the base game, which is what BSG promised to do in Q1 of 2024. This will allow players to jump into Arena with their original PMCs and custom loadouts. However, to see if this is implemented, we’ll have to wait for the update to go through.

As for the Patch Notes, you can find the detailed changes below:

Tarkov Arena Patch Notes


A new location, Block, has been added to the game.

Any place suitable for gunfighting, the Host and his associates have adapted for the Arena. Even the courtyard of one of Tarkov’s residential districts had been transformed for this purpose. Before the conflict, it was mostly inhabited by the local intellectuals: doctors, teachers, laboratory assistants, and others. Rumor has it that the notorious Kollontay resided here for some time.

List of changes

We are finalizing the first iteration of the feedback form in the BSG Launcher. An updated feedback list will be available to players in the near future.

Based on the results of player feedback processing, Tier 1 presets for all classes have been removed. Now players have access to two free Tier 2 presets in each class from the start.

Also as part of this update, all character skills are set to level 30, as well as level 3 mastering for all weapon types.

This decision is primarily aimed at improving the overall gameplay experience by increasing the battle dynamics, as well as shaping competitive gameplay in a fair playing field.

The following changes have been made to Escape from Tarkov: Arena:

  • Added a double experience bonus for the first win of the day in each class;
  • To win a ranked match in TeamFight mode, you must now win 7 rounds;
  • Collectible presets have been removed for a later rebalance. Presets will be returned to the game in the upcoming updates;
  • Removed the ability to simultaneously select TeamFight and ShootOut to search for matches;
  • The cost of Tier 2 and Tier 3 presets has been reduced by 25%;
  • Cash rewards in ranked and unranked modes have been increased up to 25% for Tier 2 and 35% for Tier 3.

We will continue implementing various balancing adjustments to Escape from Tarkov: Arena based on player feedback.

List of fixes:

  • Optimized the game network component, aimed at reducing first and third-person actions desynchronization;
  • Optimized the game audio component to improve the positioning of sound sources;
  • Escape from Tarkov and EFT: Arena settings are now split into two separate config files;
  • Fixed various issues that resulted in incorrect calculation of incoming damage to different armor classes and armor types, as well as incorrect damage calculation when hitting armor through limbs;
  • Adjusted various visual issues to the game interfaces;
  • Optimized the loading of loot when loading into a match;
  • Improved the support for Ultrawide monitors.

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