Omega Crafter Reveals Early Access Plans, Details and more

Omega Crafter, the open-world survival crafting adventure developed by Preferred Networks, outlines its content plans for Early Access and beyond, including upcoming automation features, vibrant biomes with valuable resources, dangerous dungeons, treacherous enemies, mighty equipment, invaluable items, and much more.

New adventures will await eager explorers with the debut of new biomes in Omega Crafter’s setting, a virtual world under construction, arriving during Early Access. Looking for a fresh source of food? Automate the catch of the day with Grammi’s added “fishing” behaviors. Maximize efficiency with the addition of new coding blocks, then personalize Grammi’s appearance with added appearance options.

Take advantage of incoming cartography systems to document cleared areas. With updates to the Battle Simulator, you can build new structures, level up characters beyond previous limits, and test combat skills.

Alongside upcoming content, explorers will enjoy quality-of-life improvements like an updated UI, improved performance, full controller support, and additional language support.

Omega Crafter is now available via Steam Early Access for $24.99 with language options in English, Japanese, French, Germain, Spanish (Spain), Thai, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

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