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Pokémon GO player has caught all shiny Pokémon, Here’s what a complete Shiny Dex looks like

Trainers, finding and catching shiny Pokémon has always been a kind of competition between Pokémon GO players, and few have managed to catch all the shiny Pokémon. Players with a complete Shiny Pokédex are very rare, but they do exist.

We are members of many Pokémon GO groups and different communities. We often receive emails from players who share their achievements and want to be seen by the whole community. We have seen, and I believe that we will still see many interesting situations, and different achievements, which are also difficult to be part of your gameplay.

Every Pokémon GO player has their own style, some enjoy fighting, some love PvP, some focus on catching Pokémon, and some focus on shiny Pokémon and don’t let them move. When I say they don’t let them move, I mean they don’t miss a single shiny Pokémon, and they will catch them all.

Now, let’s see what a completed Shiny Dex looks like in Pokémon GO.

One Pokémon GO player and a member of the largest public Worldwide Friend Codes groups on Facebook, Salvatore Lima, shared his achievement, his completed Shiny Dex, with the rest of the group, and received applause and congratulations. Well, to be honest, he deserves it.

When we look at his profile and all the things he has shared with the group, we can tell that he is an avid Pokémon GO player, who spends a lot of time playing the game, and who has caught almost all Pokémon.

Kudos for the persistence, and we hope the player catches all the upcoming Shiny Pokémon as well.

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