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Paladins Cassie Skins And Costs

paladins cassie skins

I’m not a Cassie player but when I play with her I want to be sure everything goes right. You all know this Paladins Champion and her abilities. Cassie is one of the most played champions in the game. The damage …

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Paladins Androxus Skins and Costs

paladins androxus skins

Playing the game continuously, winning matches and supporting your team will bring you gold and crystals. You can use these gold and crystals to customize your favorite champion. My favorite champion is Androxus, therefore I made a list of how Androxus …

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Paladins Open Beta 36 Patch Review

paladins open beta 36 patch review

Paladins Patch OB36 is live. You can find the full patch notes on their official website. We are going to do a quick Paladins Open Beta 36 patch review. In this review we are only interested in the general features. We …

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