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Paladins Open Beta 36 Patch Review

Paladins Patch OB36 is live. You can find the full patch notes on their official website. We are going to do a quick Paladins Open Beta 36 patch review. In this review, we are only interested in the general features. We are not going to post anything about the skins or character changes updates. At first look, it seems like Hi-Rez fixed a lot of bugs these days.

Paladins Open Beta 36: The Pumpkin Patch.

At the end of every match, players will now see the Top Play from that match.

  • A beautiful new feature which is going to open and make new friendships in the game. Sure about this.

Added Boosters that increase the rate at which players gain Experience and Gold, available in 7-day and 30-day options.

  • Everyone has been asking for this kind of boost pack. Gamers will love it.

Players that play together in a party will now get 10% more Experience and Gold.

  • Well… It seems like they aim at making new friendships as I said above. 🙂

Added a screen to display the top player of each role to the end of match lobby.

  • Now we definitely will know who deserves the win and who doesn’t.

Addressed a variety of issues with when and how music is played.

  • Do not have anything specific to add to that, but seems like it’s better now. Happened once in a while, especially after respawn.

Added new music for when both teams are tied at 3 points.

  • This was needed, music of death. 🙂

General improvements to the audio system.

“We’ve enabled an improved occlusion system to increase clarity around what sounds are being made near the player. Sounds on the other sides of walls should be occluded, although ultimates will never be affected by this system. This is the first step in a series of ongoing improvements to our audio system.”

  • Added options to control aim acceleration on a gamepad.
  • Added graduated movement speed on the left thumbstick for a gamepad.
  • The shooting range will now automatically show a champion selection screen.
  • Shooting range champ select should make the disc menu go away when a champ is selected.
  • Increased experience gained from completing the Basic Tutorial.
  • Added a warning dialog for skipping the tutorial to indicate that the player is missing out on rewards.
  • Added region flags to each player on the leaderboard.
  • Radiant Chests now randomly drop Gold ranging from 400 to 1000, in addition to cards and cosmetics.
  • Addressed an issue where players could get duo queue into competitive without having 12 champions at Mastery 4.
  • The champions page now shows each champion’s rating by frame.
  • Players in the shooting range may now change their deck at any time.
  • Added additional matchmaking logic.
  • Added the Emote key to the keybindings menu.

Overall, everything seems great; only the increased experience is 1 of the things I do not like.

Siege Game Mode.

“We have made several updates to the Siege game mode. Our goal is to improve the early to late game scaling and ensure there are enough incentives to both capture the objective as well as push the payload cart successfully. We have also added additional incentives for champions in each role to play to their strengths. We will continue to evaluate Siege incoming patches.”

Objectives and Payload carts no longer progress faster with multiple players, one player will give the maximum amount of progress.

  • Which makes the game more fun, totally agree with that.

Objective capture rate and Payload cart speed now increase over the course of the match.

  • This should make the game pace a lot faster. Agree on that too.

The team that captures the Objective gains an additional 300 credits per player.

  • An advantage is all we have; a benefit is all we need :).

The defending team no longer gains credits when successfully defending the Payload push.

  • Disadvantages will hit you hard. I bet there are going to be a lot of front-line champions picks in the game at this point.

Objective capture rate and Payload cart speed are no longer altered when you are ahead or behind in points.

  • Finally, nice! A little bit more balance.

The respawn time of both teams increases over the course of a match.

  • Another advantage, disadvantage of the game. Now you cannot act smart rushing enemy players on yourself.

Each role now gains additional credits for doing their intended purpose:

  • This is so nice. I bet flanking will be the most fun and one of the hardest.

Front Line champions gain 100% more credits for standing near an objective.

  • Ok, isn’t that too much? Near an objective or the Payload? The capture point counts as an objective also.

Support champions gain 100% more credits for healing allies.

  • They deserve this.

Flank champions gain 100% more credits for eliminations on enemies when they are behind enemy lines.

  • As I said, it’s going to be a h*** of a fun and one of the hardest playstyle when it comes to gaining 100% extra credits

Damage champions gain 100% more credits for dealing damage to enemy champions.

  • Usually, as all of the other roles.

Addressed an issue where players could crash when loading into a match.

  • Finally, this is fixed. It was a real pain and left players so frustrated. At least in my matches when someone dc-ed like that I was losing the match 70% :).

We can say that this patch deserves a lot of credits. It’s an excellent overall wrap up made by Hi-Rez. Tell us what you think in the comments down below.

Paladins Open Patch 36

Bug Fixes
New Features
New In-Game Rules

Our Score

Definitely Hi-Rez deserves all the credits for this patch. All of those ingame features and fixes should take this game to a better place.

User Rating: 5 ( 2 votes)
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