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horizon zero dawn ps4 pro

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Pro Future Improvements

Horizon Zero Dawn have few months, but with the powerful PS4 Pro that is coming this month, the post-apocalyptic adventure has a lot of improvements when you compare it to the ordinary PS4. Given a title of the best upcoming game for 2017, the game should not disappoint its fans.

horizon zero dawn ps4 pro look
A brief look of Horizon Zero Dawn NPCs, character and world.

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Pro Improvements on 4K resolutions

The technical director of Guerilla Games, Michiel van der Leeuw explained how 1080p and high-resolution displays have benefited from the upgraded console in a post on the PS Blog. Even though the PS4 Pro is more useful with a 4K TV.

The game features extra details and a lot of improvements in shadow maps and highest quality filtering.  This means increased quality of texture sampling, for which the final result is the details in the environment. In addition, Horizon Zero Dawn features supersampling, which means it is rendering at a higher resolution. Leeuw said that it is close to 4K and then gets shrunk down to 1080p.

horizon zero dawn ps4 pro improvements

4K TVs have a 2160p checkerboard, which is a technique that looks incredible on 4K displays. Leeuw says that this will add noticeable detail to certain things. “Stitching on Aloy’s outfit, individual leaves and branches swaying in the wind kilometers away, far in a distance and more details in all the NPCs and machines in the world.”

Regarding HDR support, Horizon Zero Dawn will have which we previously had knowledge of from the PS4 Pro unveiling event.

Horizon Zero Dawn will debut for PS4 Pro on 28th of February 2017. A Digital Deluxe edition is incoming earlier this year. It contains a couple new outfits, a digital art book, three resource packs and an exclusive theme.

The PS4 Pro launches on November 10th for 400 dollars.

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