Paladins Sha Lin Skins And Costs

With the new Paladins OB37, we got a new Champion, Sha Lin. Many of the Paladins players are not ok with the idea of a new archer because there is already one in-game, Cassie. But, the new Champion, Sha Lin is not similar with Cassie at all. He has a long bow, more precise and deals lot more damage. Sha Lin is very mobile and fast hero, and with his invisibility, he is undefeatable. There is also the best build for Sha Lin. You will need it! After the build guide, I have a list of his skins in-game. You can check them out below.

Sha Lin Customization


4 Body Skins

Sha Lin is with 4 different Body Skins. The one that you already own, then you can choose 3 others. The Charisma, Renowned and Bravado. Charisma is the purple color, Renowned is the green and Bravado is the blue.


4 Head Skins

Head Skins are matching to everybody skin. But it is our choice how we want Sha Lin to look.


4 Weapon Skins

His long bow default skin can be also changed. For those with a lot of gold and crystals is easier to choose.


2 Emotes

There are two emotes. Default and Backflip. You already have one, you are missing only the Backflip. It can only be found in chests.


2 Voice Packs

Sha Lin and his voice pack. For me, he sounds very funny, but it makes me play with him even more.


2 MVP Poses

Default and Desert Breeze MVP Poses. Play the game, win as many matches as you can and get the Desert Breeze for Sha Lin.

As I have mentioned in the previous post, get as much gold and crystals as you can. In that way, you can try and experience the new upcoming Champions in Paladins.

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