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Robocraft is Hosting a Charity Event In Order to Help Kaleigh – You Can Help too!

Robocraft announced that are hosting a charity Event in order to help the little Kaleigh. Kaleigh has been suffering from a highly aggressive Brain Tumour known as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma.

Robocraft is Hosting a Charity Event

Knowing that there are thousands of gamers, it’s sad to see little kid suffer from any kind of illness, but a brain cancer? Whoever sees this article, let’s go into Robocraft and help in the raise of funds for Kaleigh.

This illness is really bad when we’re talking about children. In that order, let’s gather ourselves and you, you can make difference too… Let’s jump into Robocraft and try to raise money for the little Kaleigh and give her a chance to fight this rare disease.

Kaleigh is trying to raise over £200,000.

What exactly do you need to do? For Every completed Robocraft match, played between Thursday, 19th January starting from 11am(UTC) to Thursday, 26th January 10AM(UTC), Freejam will donate 4 pounds to Kaleigh’s fund.

If you’re interested in a direct donation, which you should be visit the links below:

Make a personal donation

Sign the petition for the UK government to increase research funding into DIPG

Visit Kaleigh’s Trust Website



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