Battlerite Patch Brings New Game Mode

Battlerite is getting a new Game Mode with the latest patch Also, there are some changes to the gameplay, new Mount and changes to some of the characters.

Battlerite is introducing the new Game Mode, Bakko’s Egg Brawl. This is a temporary game mode and will be available until April 18th.

battlerite patch

In this mode, 2 teams of 3 Bakkos will face off with eggs, shields, and fists. Also, there will be a variety of eggs and custom Battlerites.So you can explore and get them all.

So you can explore and get them all.

The hero Freya is getting a new visual and sound effects,  new 3D model and new ability icons.

The Champion has a new outfit as well, called the “Mantle of Conquest”, Freya’s first Legendary Outfit. Feel free and take a look.

battlerite patch 0..11.3.0

As I’ve already mentioned above, there is a new mount as well. To get the new mount, called Golden Rooster, you’ll have to log in from April 11th to April 18th and get it for free.

Freya, Poloma and Ruh Kaan are getting changes with the new patch

Freya Storm Mace’s will now have a unique effect, Spring can be cast while moving and Shock Vault animation is now fixed.

Poloma’s Spirit Rift and Soul Drain will no longer break after receiving damage.

Ruh Kaan’s Claw of the Undying projectile’s speed is now 32 instead of 28.

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