Meltdown causes server issues, Epic Games, Ubisoft and now Housemarque affected

After the discovery of the Intel CPU design flaw, it was known that some of the issues could not be avoided and just had to be patched. Therefore, some of the big developers were expecting new server issues. Well, they have appeared and caused a lot of headaches. Now, more developers have announced the struggle against the Meltdown invulnerability.

However, a couple of days ago, Ubisoft was among the first to break down their servers disabling most of their games. Even if Ubisoft did not discover that it’s because of the Meltdown flaw, that move could not be related to anything else except recent events.

Yet, we all know the most recent event was the CPU design flaw and therefore assume the patching causes it.

It’s not only Ubisoft that has issues of this caliber. Unlike them, Epic Games have publicly announced the impact of the Meltdown fix. It is affecting their servers by boosting their CPU usage quite a lot. They have posted a CPU Utilization graph showcasing the effect due to the security issue. It is a Meltdown indeed.

Even if the fix is applied, the CPUs are having a violent struggle when it comes to performance.

Now, after things got cold and we haven’t heard of anyone in a while, Housemarque has stated that they have experienced the same as the others. They have announced that their Nex Machina’s servers are having a lousy struggle with performance. All because of the recent patches to the Meltdown security. It appears that most of the big name companies are yet to discover higher load than before.

Everyone is working on mitigating the effects and avoiding any further issues regarding high load. The CPU Utilization is 30% higher, and we’re more than sure no one’s ever going to address this issue and will remain as it is. Well, unless Intel releases its next CPU generation, things are going to be nasty.

Angel Kicevski

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