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Pokemon Go v0.91.2 APK Datamine, Quests have Been Removed

The latest Pokemon Go update v0.91.2 went live today, and SilphRoad’s Executive who goes by the name of dronpes made an APK teardown of the update and shared his discoveries on the official TSR.

The latest APK teardown is mostly about bug fixes, but what dronpes found is something very interesting and I think most Trainers will drop their jaw with his discovery.

First things first, is the small tweak for Pokemon vertical offset rendering. This change is regarding how Pokemon are offset vertically in Gyms and Combat. There is nothing special about this addition, but it comes with the latest update.

The second thing is the font tweak. There are no new badges or event graphics dronpes discovered, so the only graphical asset updated is the font tweak.

Now we come to the fun part. Remember when Pokemon Go launched the v0.91.1 and when the Silph Road community successfully unpacked it and found out that quests are coming to Pokemon Go? Well, forget about this feature for now, because dronpes found out that the specific code for quests has been removed from the APK in the latest update. He also shared some very interesting details on why the code is removed:

  1. It caused a performance issue on some/all devices.
  2. They’re pulling the feature.
  3. Niantic simply never meant to push it.
  4. They haven’t got final approval from TPC Inc. on the feature’s final mechanics, and the news circuits have gotten out from under that approval process.
  5. They simply reverted from the Quests feature branch to an older branch to patch a few bugs.

Does this mean that we should forget about the Quests? Or maybe they will be introduced when a new update arrives?

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