A new Escape From Tarkov wipe is about to happen

As we all know, with major Escape From Tarkov update, Battlestate Games perform a complete wipe, deleting all player’s gear that has scavenged during their prime time raids. Well, another one is also scheduled to happen, but sadly, we do not know the exact time.

Recent rumors discovered that the wipe is most likely to happen after 2 or 3 weeks from now, meaning it may occur in April as well. But, let’s forget about the wipe and talk about the upcoming changes, for which everyone thinks it will be a significant win for the whole EFT community.

As Battlestate Games claimed, the game is about to receive a massive number of improvements, including the most critical factor in the game which is currently considered to be the poor netcode, for which many players are frustrated. Players taking fire are sometimes untouched, literally, for which kind of puts in water the level of seriousness Escape From Tarkov offers.

Knowing that an Open Beta phase is upon us, set up to release in 2018, which is this year, of course, Battlestate Games priority is to fix the netcode issues, and also improve the FPS on some larger maps. In Escape from Tarkov, the difficulty level is quite serious. Therefore the developer must get rid of this issues rather than focusing on new content.

Over the past, the game has received new content, mainly with the latest updates where new cases and helmets were introduced. Now, it’s time to get back to the core issues and get rid of them ASAP. Escape From Tarkov, as we know, it’s aiming to be a realistic game, pinpointing the outcome of what would happen if those situations occur in real life. Thus, during a raid, we all prefer to avoid death, which is most likely going to lose our gear. But, to be able to prevent it we need to be given a chance by improved performance so that we could improve our in-game reactions.

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